Moving to ArtStation

Hello viewers, I’ll be closing this website in April when my subscription runs out, and I hope to be fully transitioned over to ArtStation, which is a website that will let me showcase my work and then have a blog on the side.

I think this is an ok move, or at least I’m hoping it is haha. Anyway I’ll be moving my work that I have hosted on this blog over to the other account, and I will not likely be posting much of anything else here in the meantime.

Once I have everything up and running I will make another post that will have the new links and any updated information. Thank you very much for following me and for taking a look at my work, it means a lot!!

You can also still find me on:
Twitter – @watchurhineyman
DeviantArt – @Sarah-shockS
Instagram – @ghosty_pants

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