Inktober 2017 Prompts


Inktober Prompts 2017

Hello everyone it’s finally here! I love October with all my heart because who doesn’t love to watch the changing leaves, the fall decorations and of course Halloween! I also happen to love it because it has a challenge for all artists and this year I’m going to be serious about it since I want to improve. Above are prompts that were picked by my friends and family with the exception of day 31, which was my choice.

I’m very excited to get started, and since today is October 1st I will likely post again either late tonight (10pm-12pm EST) or tomorrow morning (10am-11am EST) with the first prompt Druid; which was picked by my friend Jordan.

For the layout of each post I think I’ll be doing one to three days at a time, showing off the drawings and in between them have little paragraphs offering a little story to go along with them.

Thank you again for being patient if you’ve been following us for a while, and if you are just joining in, thank you too! We hope you are all excited as we are!!

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