Hi everyone sorry that there has been a lapse in posts, I’ve been very busy working two jobs. I am happy to show off my D&D character design for Ostra, a Moon-elf necromancer/cleric.

Ostra is a bit of a curious creature, she’s rather young for an elf (112 years old) and is having her first real adventure outside the safe haven of her elven homeland. Armed with a spell book gifted to her by her parents she is quick to learn and rather tenacious in figuring out her new surroundings. Currently she is traveling with a group made up of a bard, a monk, and a soldier, her own part to play in the group is primarily support for now, but with her growing list of spells, and undead servants (her favorite is a skeleton who accompanies her everywhere) she is quickly becoming a threat to those who would want to hurt her or her companions.

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