Chaotic Evil


Another artist tile, and like “Bronze Faun” this little lady was drawn up during another D&D session with friends. While Lacrimose, the above mentioned, is not from D&D, she is from a similar game. Creating her is probably one of my proudest moments because for some reason everything about her personality, physical appearance, and backstory all just seemed to fit together seamlessly.

She’s a reoccurring soul that recently was exalted by her master Omen of Shattered Skies and serves him faithfully as a general and body guard. Her anima banner is a shroud of lidless eyes that follow her prey relentlessly until she has vanquished them. Despite being a harbinger of death and her own namesake, Lacrimose is almost always smiling and her voice is cheery, even when aggravated. If her tone were to darken however who knows what she might do next, for she is a strong opponent and not to be trifled with in the slightest.

The thought behind this piece was to make alignment cards (which I still plan to do I just need to figure out which I should do next haha) and keep them to a style that I truly admire; Art Nouveau.

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