Art Showing, grab a drink!

If any of my readers are in the Hampton Roads area of Southern Virginia, I invite you to come and see some of my work that’s on display. The location is a little local treat for beer enthusiasts and table top gamers alike, called The Bearded Bird Brewery! Sitting just at the edge of Norfolk’s…

A question for my readers:

Would you all also be interested in seeing some of my writing? A silly question, perhaps, but I did want to ask you all, because I am curious. I know I have a few friends who have already read a few samples, or have even been so kind as to listen to me read aloud….


So I noticed that there were several lovely people who started subscribing to this blog, and I felt terrible that there hasn’t been anything added for your viewing pleasure. Things have been tense and well, just kinda bad all around, but hey that’s why we have art! So without further ado, here are some new…


See the full picture for day 1 in this post!

Sketchbook Tour: The Sketchbook of Doom

Hello everyone! I made another video which will be part two of a series (not sure how long as I’m still making sketchbooks haha). The Sketchbook Tour series is going to be about my steps as an artist and taking time to look back on older work to see where I’ve come from, as well…